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Patents are an investment, which secures exclusive rights to your invention and protects your market position.

Protect your knowledge and optimize your competitiveness. The right patent strategy will turn your good ideas into business assets.

Our most important job is to protect our customers' core knowledge and secure that they achieve the greatest possible output of their investment in knowledge and technology.

Our patent agents provides strategic consultancy about the use of national and international patent practice in connection with developing our customers' product development and marketing strategies.

Areas of expertise
Within the field of patent consultancy our areas of expertise are organic and inorganic chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, medical engineering, electronics, software, mechanics in general, mechanic technology and plastic materials science.

We offer consultancy in the entire process from preparing patent applications to protection and managing rights for commercialization and negotiation of licence agreements. We also offer consultancy in connection with infringements and legal disputes.

Experienced agents
Our patent agents have a technological / scientific Master's degree, supplemented with a patent specific education. Added to this is a broad range of experience from previous em-ployments in the world of research or business.