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We secure your rights

In a global knowledge-based society, value and growth are closely connected to innovation. Knowledge and innovation is the key to commercial success.

Intellectual property rights helps define who has the exclusive rights to knowledge, technologies and trademarks.

Strategic IPR-consultancy
At Chas. Hude, we have offered consultancy on intellectual property rights for more than 100 years. We offer strategic consultancy on all aspects of IPR. Our core competencies are patents, trademarks, design, utility models and commercialization of knowledge and technology.

Denmark's leading IPR-consultant
We are amongst Denmark's leading companies within the field of IPR-consultancy. We help Danish and foreign companies, universities, research facilities, growth entrepreneurs and inventors to identify IPR-potentials and integrate them in the business strategy.

Chas. Hude Legal
Chas. Hude collaborates with Chas. Hude Legal, who offer legal consultancy on all legal aspects of intellectual property rights. Enforcement of intellectual property rights are the lawyers' area of expertise. They have extensive experience with infringement cases and conduct cases in connection with infringements of patents, trademarks, design and copy rights.

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