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Our values

Our work is based on few but carefully selected values.

Values are worth nothing if the remain just words on paper. Values must translate into concrete action. They must be lived. And experienced.

We have expressed our values as a formula, since we strive to generate Value to our customers through Innovative and Committed consultancy.

In short: V = I x C2

We are committed...
We carry out our job with pride and enthusiasm. We are committed in our relations with our customers, colleagues and associates.

You will receive attentive and action-oriented consultancy services from us, based on dialogue and a committed partnership.

We are innovative…
We give our customers advice on how to optimise the value of their latest inventions, trademarks and designs. Our advice is based on innovation, to which we are committed.

We are innovative. We approach product development, customer relations, employer and business development from a new angle.

We generate value…
Our consultancy services are not only about protecting intellectual property rights. We focus just as much on developing IPR into business.

We generate value through close dialogue with our customers and on the basis of their strategies, ambitions and needs.