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Chas. Hude present in Medicon Village

25. september 2013

Great commercial potential in the leading European Life Science region.

As of 1 September 2013, Chas. Hude is present in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden, where a large number of Life Science companies are concentrated.

As the name implies, Medicon Village is situated in a part of Medicon Valley which was established in the mid-nineties and includes the Copenhagen Area and Scania. The public authorities in these areas agreed with the Life Science industry to promote the region internationally with the objective: To become the most attractive biotechnological region in Europe.

The actual brand Medicon Valley was introduced in 1997 by the investment promotion agencies Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Scania. R&D driven pharmaceutical companies such as Novo Nordisk, H. Lundbeck, AstraZeneca and LEO Pharma have contributed considerably to the development which has created spin-off by attracting further research and a large number of suppliers.

The result is that today, Medicon Valley is one of the leading Life Science regions in Europe with rapid growth and now including universities, hospitals as well as a great number of companies. Many of the said are R&D based with a considerable need for protection of their intellectual property rights.

Thus, Chas. Hude has very high expectations that being represented in Medicon Village will be beneficial in relation to assisting and guiding the many Life Science companies in the region in the future.