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LEGO® are challenged in China.

05. december 2016

On Wednesday, 30 November 2016, Danish National News aired an interesting story about LEGO’s massive challenges in their biggest growth market – China. Thorbjørn Swanstrøm was invited as an expert.

Same packaging, same bricks, same concepts and graphics which are confusingly similar to the real goods. When Chinese Lepin are selling kits, many Chinese consumers think that they are the same as LEGO. The Danish Company has had enough of this and have now retorted with filing a lawsuit.

China is LEGO’s biggest growth market. This is why National News reported on the story on what can happen when a well-known brand gets squeezed. Partner in Chas. Hude , Lawyer Thorbjorn Swanstrom, comments and has little doubt:

"An average consumer, who sees the product in a daily setting, will assume that it is a LEGO product" he states. If you see the shown examples in the National News you would have to agree with him.

The story about LEGO’s woes on the Chinese markets begins 13:10 into the program (© DR)