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Chas. Hude ready for annual Trademark Event, INTA

05. maj 2017

Thorbjørn Swanstrøm, Partner, Jesper Mark Wenzel, Partner  and Sandur Torne Lassen, Partner, looks forward to representing Chas. Hude’s colours and qualities at the international trademark organization INTA’s annual meeting in Barcelona, Spain, on May 20th to May 24th this year.

"INTA’s Annual Meeting is partly an excellent opportunity to discuss relevant topics on trademarks, and not least reconcile on the latest international trends. But first and foremost, INTA’s annual meeting is a really good place to form closer ties with a number of our international partners and form new partnerships, to ensure that our customers can continue to benefit from advice from the top shelf " says Thorbjørn Swanstrøm, Attorney at Law, Partner and Director of Chas. Hude Legal.

Chas. Hude already has a very extensive network of leading trademark consultants in most of the world.

"Our ability to consistently provide the best service to our customers is largely grounded in very strong international networks, combined with our highly skilled specialists and in-house expertise at the highest international level," states Attorney at Law and Partner Sandur Torne Lassen.

The Chas. Hude Team are looking forward to meeting you all in Barcelona.