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Chas. Hude ready for INTA 2018 in Seattle

17. maj 2018

Partners at Chas. Hude, Jesper Mark Wenzel and Thorbjørn Swanstrøm, will be attending INTA 2018.

At Chas. Hude, we believe that INTA presents itself as a perfect opportunity to meet foreign colleagues, both to exchange news and views on the latest trends and developments in the IPR business and to discuss new or strengthened relations.

We are aware that calendars are filling up quickly, but we do hope that you have time to meet with us. If it is convenient for you, we suggest meeting in the lobby of our hotel “Executive Hotel Pacific” at 400 Spring Street, Seattle. Give us a call or send an e-mail:

Partner, Attorney at Law Thorbjørn Swanstrøm, e-mail:, cell phone:
+ 45 27 74 34 39. Learn more about Thorbjørn here

Partner, European Patent & Design Attorney Jesper Mark Wenzel, e-mail:, cell phone +45 27 74 34 70. Learn more about Jesper here

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle.