03. oktober 2023

INTA: Committee work

Representatives from Chas. Hude appointed to The International Trademark Association's (INTA) Committees.

We are happy to announce that our colleagues Alexander Gantzler Døssing and David Würgler have been appointed to INTA’s Enforcement Committee and Anticounterfeiting Committee for 2024 and 2025.

Alexander is eager to start his work at the Anticounterfeiting Committee addressing the rising challenges with fraud and counterfeit goods. Likewise, David is looking forward to joining the Enforcement Committee supporting, developing, and advocating the Association’s policy regarding enforcement of trademarks.

Alexander’s and David’s strong interest in both enforcement and anticounterfeiting mirror their competences and years of experience within these areas of expertise. 

INTA Committees

INTA Committees

To learn more about the committees’ important work please visit:

INTA Anticounterfeiting Committee

INTA Enforcement Committee

European Patent Attorney Bo Stenhuus, Chas. Hude

Alexander Gantzler Døssing

Lawyer LL.M.

M: +45 27 74 34 40


Bianca Bothman er European Patent Attorney hos Chas. Hude

David Würgler

Head of Trademarks

M: +45 21 41 41 91